Thursday, July 29, 2010

I added some more LED's to the front logics.  I can't fit all 80 diodes due to the amount of wires looped in.  I may opt to replace these logics with a circuit board, but for now, it's pretty convincing.  In the pic, you can see some empty holes where I don't have diodes placed.  I'm hoping to squeeze one more string of lights into the logics, without breaking a chain....again...   I also plan on filling any leftover open areas with an unconnected diode, allowing the light from the neighboring LEDs to reflect through it.

In the below picture, you can see the gap I have to fill between the legs and shoulder of the frame.  I cut and glued up some leftover styrene, about 1/4" thick, around the shoulder area to add stability and strength.  I have two circular pieces from the frame which will be added as spacers and I'm hoping to either have additional parts made or will cut some plywood to fill in this space, roughly 3/4" thick.  This will add additional strength in the shoulders by reducing the amount of potential sway.  I strengthened the shoulder on the frame and moving Artoo around the house, I don't find much movement in the shoulders as he is right now.  The reinforcement will only add strength.  Additionally, I have 6" water pipe that will give me the proper diameter for the shoulders.  The water pipe will not add any real structural value and will more than likely be glued in place to the inside of the leg, covering up the shoulder hubs.

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