Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Race Is On...

It's been quiet on my post, but I've been working like mad trying to replace parts and get things ready for events this year.  I have new parts that I'm working on as well as some older parts that have been sitting a while that I finally installed. 

I have been working on construction on the foot shells.  The front (center) shell is done and waiting installation, which I will need to modify the center leg to do so.  I'm still trying to figure out the best course for that...  The outer shells are almost complete.  These pics are a couple weeks old and I have made some more progress on them since.

I have my second pic flasher board completed and ready to test.  While I was doing that, I also started working on the wiring for the 108 LEDs that will be installed.  I have 42 wired and installed at the moment.

Of course, while I'm working, I gotta have some inspiration....

Back in November, I ordered skins from Chani to replace the ones that I made a couple years back.  I had never worked with styrene before that time and it really showed in the over cuts and scratches.  When I taped the skins together (3M VHB tape), I never got them seated properly and had some buckles.  I actually broke an area when I tried to correct it, so I left them and had since intended on replacing them. 

These are the new front skins.  I glued this set together rather than use the 3M tape again.  I was able to seat them where I wanted and make minor adjustments before the glue cured.  These are also pre-sanded and have a better feel to them. I painted them with Rustoleum Satin White to match the color and texture of the legs.  I never bothered painting my older skin set as I had decided on replacing them almost immediately after I installed them.

Don't get too used to this new clean paint job....  It's not gonna last long, if you know what I mean...  ;-D

I added some resin pieces that I have had sitting around....again, I wasn't going to waste time installing them on the old skin set, so I was pretty excited to get the opportunity to install these parts.  Just a couple more details closer to completion.

Hope to have more to show in the near future.