Thursday, May 14, 2009

General Update - Sound System

Not much new on the building scene as I have parts on order, or am waiting to order parts. Keith at Resin Parts is still setting up shop in his new home and has a line of parts orders waiting, so I want to give him time before I bombard him with my wish list.

Foot motor holders are due to deliver today. Shoulders are on order from the most recent A&A parts run, and my 12v power distribution board is in process, due sometime in June.

There has been alot of buzz around the R2 community regarding a much less expensive CFIII soundboard, or rather a knock-off of a CFIII. Thanks to Andy S. for his research on this!!! I did order and receive the personal soundtrack t-shirt from thinkgeek and it works great!!! I still need to order my 12ch wireless remote to trigger the sounds, but that will have to wait. I didn't really expect to order the soundboard so soon, but couldn't pass this one up. I have 6 banks configured for voicing based off of the CFIII sound files. I'm still converting the files to mp3 format, but since many of them are short files, I have taken my time to combine and edit some of them into longer clips.

On a side note, I have finally set up my own space in the house to display my Sci-fi stuff. For so long, the wife has dominated the decor of the household, and the lightsabers, action figures and other fine collectibles have been pushed to the Outer Rim - or at least in boxes in the basement... But now, I have space and together we will rule that room as builder and droid.... (queue vinyl record scratching to a halt!)

Well... at least I have shelving.

Thanks to my wife and her mad decorating skills - it looks awesome. I took some quick shots, but it doesn't do justice. There are framed posters on the walls and furniture that I didn't include in the shots.