Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dome Drive is working!!!!

Well, I didn't think I was going to get this part complete until after Christmas, but I was able to get the necessary parts in time for Halloween.  I'm running an IG32 motor for the drive and the Syren 10a motor controller to control direction and speed.

I had to build a brace to mount the motor to and I based my part on Calvin's motor mount.  Still getting some slipping when I change directions suddenly, but overall, the setup was very easy and I'm happy with the progress, and it's just in time for my first public event on Saturday. I have to clean up my wiring mess  before then as I won't have a back panel in place and the rear door is off the frame.

Anyway....  Here's a short video of the progress. 


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

12V Power is operational

With a 3 week deadline before my first outing with Artoo, I'm trying to get things finished up with dome movement and animation features.  I've been getting some practice driving and took the droid outside for a spin around my driveway a couple weeks back. 

Over the weekend, I was able to get the 12V power up and running.  Power is being distributed through the Rigrunner box.  My amplifier is powered directly from the Rigrunner, power is also fed to the 12V distribution board and on to my 12ch relay.  I still hear the circuits clicking as they close when triggered.  Not sure if I'll be able to do anything about that, but hopefully it won't be noticed too much with a crowd of people around him. 

I love the LED's on the back power panel and i have been driving him around tonight in a dimly lit room.  For the first two outings, I won't have the back door completed so the back panel will be exposed.  This can be a cool thing and a potential disaster as well.  I like the looks of the wiring and the indicators and think it's a good idea for people to see what he looks like inside, however, keeping control of people who can't seem to keep their hands off stuff could lead to problems.  I think for the first outing at least, he's gonna be behind a barrier of sorts.  I'll roll him close enough for people to see and touch, but be able to back him off if people get too grabby.

Anyway, here's the progress from this past weekend:

Up close view of the panel

12V distribution board lit up.  The board to the lower right is the Sabertooth motor controller, running on 24V power.

My VEX transmitter with the 12ch relay transmitter attached.  I used industrial strength Velcro to attach the two together.  The 12ch transmitter controls the programmed sounds.

The whole set up.