Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Recent events

It's been a while since I updated this site.  Summer is going by so quickly and I have been busy with lots of non Artoo stuff.  Since the last post, he has attended two events - the Buffalo Bison's (AAA baseball) Star Wars night and a Weird Al concert in Buffalo.
Both events went well and Artoo was well received by the crowd, posing for pictures and mingling.

I haven't received pics yet from the Weird Al show, but I did get to meet fellow R2 Builder, Jon Stokes, and had some time to compare builds and ideas following the event.  Jon S. was in town with his droid and had the opportunity to join Al on stage for the event.

More to follow as I have more parts in progress, and thanks to Jon S, some ideas on how to finally mount Artoo's rear door.

WIVB Channel 4 contest winner and characters.  June 11th 2011

Jon Stokes droid on the left, mine on the right.  This was taken after the Weird Al concert at University at Buffalo Center for the Arts, July 14th 2011