Monday, June 7, 2010

Artoo On His Feet

This is work that I have done over the last two weeks.

During the week, I measured and built the center foot. I had to come up with some creative ideas to mount the casters to the plate since the mount to the ankle kind of overlapped a little. All in all, the foot is attached securely.

You can see a little heat damage on the ankle.  Fortunately, this won't be seen when the droid is right side up.

I've had to make some modifications to the frame in the shoulder area. I plan on replacing this area with aluminum shoulder plates, but until I set aside money, I won't be able to do that. In the mean time, I modified and laminated the 1/4" JAG plate that I wasn't using, to the existing 1/2" JAG plate to create one plate that is 3/4" thick. I'm betting that between the thickness of the material and the laminated parts, the shoulders should be strong enough for now, until I can replace them with aluminum down the road.

Last night, I attached the legs to the frame. I still don't have the foot motors or drive wheel installed, so I had to level the outer feet on some hardcover books. I haven't checked the angle on the legs, but I'm guessing I'm pretty close. I won't be able finalize this until the drive system is installed.

Just for fun, I put the dome and front skins on.