Friday, July 16, 2010

Electronics Board Layout

Ok, so it's not the most complex board to ever fit a droid.  Doesn't run a ton of gadgets, not going to repair my truck while on a trip, and certainly not going to fire jets on his outer legs and make him fly around a room.

But then again, I can't exactly leap tall buildings in a single bound either....

What this will do is provide and distribute power to different areas of Artoo.  These are only some of the boards that will be installed.  From the top and clockwise: RIGrunner 4005 series fuse box, Chinese made 180watt amplifier (how true, I don't know, but I've heard it's loud...). Multiplex IPD 7 channel radio receiver, R2 Builders club made 12V power distribution board and my Sabertooth dual channel drive board (to drive the feet).  Still need to order the Syren10 controller for the dome, which will find a home near the Sabertooth.  Although the board appears right side up, the board will be mounted to position the RIGrunner at the bottom.

I couldn't find any circuitboard standoffs so I made my own from styrene tubing found at a local hobby store.  I cut them to 1/4" lengths to give some cooling underneath the boards.

I went a little artsy-fartsy with the photos...  I miss shooting creatively and just got in the mode to do a little "product shooting" last night.  Here's the 12V power distribution board made for the club.

And a close up of the RIGrunner 4005H.  The fuses came with the unit, but I'll need to change them to meet my needs.  A nice feature of this board is if/when a fuse blows, there is an LED indicator in the board to alert me to which fuse to replace.  Nice piece if equipment, used by the amateur radio operators to run their stations.

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