Thursday, December 31, 2009

Holiday work update

I was able to get some work done while on vacation during the holidays. The first outer leg is completed as far as I'm going to take it at this time. This is fully painted and awaiting the final details. I am waiting to test it under stress prior to adding the shoulder horse shoe layers and resin booster cover. All parts test fit perfectly.

I started work on the other outer ankle as well as skinning the 2nd outer leg. I also ordered my motor controller from This is the Dimension Engineering Sabertooth 2x25 controller that will operate the motors in the two feet. (the picture is from

Last night, I strung another series of LEDs together for the front logics. Three more to go and that will be complete.


trentgibson1 said...
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Shayne said...
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jduffphoto said...

I was left two comments from users whom I do not know that appeared to be spam. I don't mind anyone leaving comments on this blog, but please keep to topic, or relatively close to... This blog is about my journey of building a replica astromech and I welcome your comments, especially constructive criticism that will help me along the way. But please be considerate when posting.