Wednesday, December 23, 2009

First leg ready for primer.

The construction of the first ankle is complete. I made the ankle and bracelet to be one piece and as you can see, in the picture, I had to fill in the area where the two pieces came together. I had a small gap in there that I didn't like and the filler worked out very well, not only filling the space, but also to make the bond stronger. I will have to mask off the bracelet as it will be metallic, while the rest of the ankle is white. I plan on having this primed tonight and ready for paint tomorrow.

The booster again, is just set in place for the picture. I have been looking at other builders blogs to see how they have attached the booster on their droids. I still haven't decided which way I would like to do this and may hold off until I fully test the legs on the droid when it eventually gets moving. I'm on vacation between Christmas and New Years Eve, so I plan on spending some time working on finishing up this leg, and starting the other outer ankle. I'm hoping to have Artoo standing before too long.

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