Monday, December 1, 2008

Frame/Parts update

Made some more progress with the frame this weekend. My support rods are installed - all except one as I was short by one machine screw. I picked up a Rockler bearing and was able to modify and mount it. Found something out to share - There are 8 plastic feet on the bottom of the bearing, I removed 4 of them to drill the holes through to mount it to the frame and left 4 feet still attached. Keeping in mind that this is aluminum and will bend, when I mounted the bearing to the frame, I added two flat washers between the bearing and the frame to match the spacing of the feet. This kept the bearing level as I tightened it to the frame.

I started cutting the dome ring for the C&D dome. Once that is complete (along with some clean up on the inside dome), I'll be able to mount the dome to the frame.

I also got a start on some of the misc body parts as well. Here are my first two coin slots. One is finished, the other I still have a couple pieces to add. The tape is just adding additional support to the glue and will not be seen. I used scrap pieces from my frame to get the profile.


Calvin Thomas said...

I see you have'nt removed the front piece for the Large Data Port
I noticed you have the newer version of the A&A frame that comes with the holes for the 2-3-2 mode. Do you plan to try the 2-3-2?
I can't tell from the pic, But do you have rods on eachside of the utility arm carriage?

jduffphoto said...

Hey Calvin,

There are some pieces that still need to be removed from the frame, including the data port, power couplers on the front and rear, etc. I plan on removing them as I get the parts. Yes this is a newer A&A frame, but I'm not going to attempt a 2-3-2 conversion just yet... possibly sometime after I get him built, I'll upgrade..

I have the machine screw in place under the rockler bearing for the right side of the utility arm carriage, but I ran out of machine screws to complete that rod. It's a minor thing that I can do later this week when I get a chance to run to the store.

I got my base ring for the C&D dome cut last night. It's not perfect, but it's pretty even. I had it sitting on the rockler last night and spun it around to see if there was significant movement on the cut line and I couldn't notice any. I think I have room to add a strip of styrene around that to create the bottom ring of the dome if needed, but I think it's ok for now.

Pete said...

You rule...and by the way, I love how you added this at 4:58am :-)