Monday, November 24, 2008

Skin Update

Skins are cut and ready for sanding. Here are some pics of what I have done. These are just sitting in place, nothing has been attached yet. I reset my door on my frame last night as the lock washers were digging into the frame. They have been replaced with standard flat washers. I added one additional washer on the bottom of the door to raise the door slightly. It now moves with no contact to the bottom of the frame. My VHB tape is due to deliver today, so I may be able to mount the skins to the door this week.

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Calvin Thomas said...

Nice Job!!!!
After you sand everything inside and outside, you'll be ready for tape. When we did Brenda's skins we washed the skins with Dawn dishsoap before adding the tape to make sure the skins were free of grease and any skin oils from our hands.
Her's turned out very nice, But it was tricky getting the two together correctly. I made a pencil mark dead center of the 2 skins and used this as a alignment mark as she slowly matched the skins and the mark, I released more of the skins as I held the outer skin in a U shape and she made sure everything was correct.
If the tape touches and it's not aligned right, The tape may not be good for another shot.
Let me know if I can help.