Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Holo Projectors

I started working over the weekend on my holo projectors. Got them sanded nicely and started to prime and paint them... and then I ran into a little snag. I have been using Rustoleum's plastic primer for all of the paint that I have done so far and have not run into any issues at all. After my paint coat on the HP's, I noticed that some areas were not taking paint as well as I would like. The paint appeared splotchy (yes, a technical term...) in areas. I can only figure that the mold release agent wasn't cleared all of the way, even though I felt I did clean the parts well with alcohol and soapy water. The paint, however, is not flaking off of the part.

In either case, I felt the silver needed to be toned down anyway, so.... I gave it some weathering. It has always been my intention to weather my droid since prior to actually starting my build. I just didn't expect to start that process right away. I am happy with the results, although there may be some touch up needed once the rest of the construction is complete. I'm sure "Uncle Don" would approve! Here's some pics.
I also started work on the panel where the rear PSI will be mounted. The blue panel for the front PSI is also ready to be mounted.

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Calvin Thomas said...

We have that same problem with Brenda's parts.
We have tried everything to stop the pitting in the paint.
I think Keith uses too much release on some parts.
Even Bleach-White for tires would not stop the pitting.
If you find a solution, Let me know