Thursday, January 8, 2009

General Update

I have parts on order for the dome, and already started receiving some of them. My PSI leds from Fiber Optic Products came in yesterday and tested out good. PSI kit and HP's are on order from Keith and the HP lens' are ordered...just waiting for them to ship.

I found carriage bolts that did not have any branding on them - totally by mistake! I had previously purchased a couple bolts for my dome "buttons", but the only ones that I could find had the company initials raised on the surface. I had planned on removing the stamped letters with a sander. Needless to say, a dollar sixty-something later, and I saved myself the hassle of having to remove unwanted writing from a steel bolt. If you need them, check out your local Ace Hardware.


Calvin Thomas said...

Are you building your own front logics?
The reason I ask is reading about you needing Damiens Bezels.
I have some if you need them quickly, But if your using Leon's Pc board you'll need to get that style from Damien.

jduffphoto said...

Hey Calvin, I just sent you an email, but yes, I'm going to build my own logics. Point to point wiring as opposed to Leon's board.