Monday, January 19, 2009

Front PSI

I received my parts from Keith on Friday!!!! 2 static Holo Projectors, 1 movable Holo Projector for the front of the dome, and my PSI housing kits. I took some time last night to work on one of the PSI kits. I used a circle cutter and my drill to rough cut the holes for the lens and after some detail cutting, I was able to mount the lens and glue it in place. The panel isn't yet painted, so I haven't attached it yet. It's all taped inside and I need to eliminate some light leaking out. I'll mount the housing permanently tonight and start work on the rear PSI as well.


Calvin Thomas said...

I remember the first time I did that with the PSI's.
Did you get your bezels yet?
Are you going to get the 12ch. Ebay remote to switch the lights on/off?

jduffphoto said...

Hey Calvin,

No, bezels didn't arrive just yet... maybe today?

I would like to be able to turn the lights on/off remotely, but I haven't thought that far out. I did see that one on ebay, but if it's the remote I'm thinking of, was considering it for the sound/voicing trigger.

wasn't there a separate 4ch controller that was used for the dome lights?

I was considering using pc on/off buttons for the dome buttons but figured that "little fingers" would likely turn off R2's lights at some point.