Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Race Is On!!!!

I woke up this morning to frost and 30 degrees outside of my house. Not much time left to finish my painting this year. Last night, I put some base coats of chrome on the outside dome. Two coats and a night to rest it. Weather was a little on the cool side, close to dropping below 50 degrees while I was painting. Might hit the 60 degree mark this week, but I'm estimating that this will be my last week to paint for the season.

Anyway, here's what I have from last night. Nice reflection from the chrome paint. I'm using Kelly Krider's suggestion of the Rustoleum Chrome Metallic, but I didn't care for the clearcoat on the test strip that I did. This paint doesn't recommend a topcoat finish, but I may need something to match the sheen to the blue panels.


Calvin Thomas said...

I agree on the clearcoat, Allot of times clearcoat on chrome or silver tends to react badly.
Clearcoating the blue will be just enough for the correct look.
Will you be weathering your droid?

jduffphoto said...

Thanks Calvin - BTW, your R2 looks great and I've been following Brenda's R3-T7 build too. Great job on both droids!!

Yes, I will eventually be weathering him, but not heavily. Some oil marks, etc.

I added coats 3 and 4 to the dome last night. The metal look is much more convincing, but it shows a couple flaws a little more than I had expected. I'll have to tame that down. I'm also looking for that brushed aluminum look and I think some very fine sandpaper will work. I think that will be this weekends project as I want the paint to cure a bit.

Calvin Thomas said...

Thanks for the comments.
We have been working on Brenda's droid trying to get it on it's feet for Megacon in Febuary.

Once your paint cures you can sand it with some 1500 paper, But be careful. Sometimes that will make it shinnier than before even if you wet sand it.

You can also get some very fine steelwool and lightly brush sand the paint in 1 direction only.
This will slightly dull the paint shine, But will give you a brush aluminum effect.
Just don't put much pressure at all when you use the steelwool.
And make sure the paint is cured.

Calvin Thomas said...

Did you solve your paint problem?

bergum said...

I'm a step behind you... I have cut out the panels, but not the top panel and the bottom blue ring. I can see from your pictures that you did the same thing. How are you planing to do this ?