Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dome Work Continues

I made progress this past weekend with the great weather we had here in NY. I clear coated the metallic coat of the dome and all seems to be holding nicely. Took several coats to seal the paint, but it hardened pretty well overnight. I was able to add the blue on the bottom ring and the top of the dome. Here's some pics of the panels that I have painted taped to the inner dome.

I have yet to cut the base and the inner dome. I have another project to work on in the next two weeks, so progress on Artoo will slow down for a little while. I hope to get the base cut and ready to paint in about two to three weeks.


Calvin Thomas said...

That turned out nice!!!
It's almost a good thing the paint gave you a hard time, Because that really looks GOOD!!!

jduffphoto said...

Thanks Calvin. I wanted to leave you a message on your post for R5, but Blogger isn't cooperating this morning for some reason... Can't wait to see what you're gonna do with that droid.

I did some homework on the chrome paint. Seems that this is a common issue, even when using all the proper materials and techniques (primer, paint, conditions, etc). Spraying about 4-5 coats of clear on it locked it in. I'm happier with the results, but I won't try to sand in any marks to him for fear of removing the paint.