Monday, September 8, 2008

Dome Work

More panels cut. I was able to remove 5 panels yesterday. The two larger panels on the side and back are scored and ready to come out, but I'm keeping them in place for structural support. These five panels are already sanded and painted.
My A&A frame should arrive any day now. Can't wait to get that assembled!!!!


Calvin Thomas said...

Lookin" Good on the dome!!!!
I bet that makes you nervous cutting out the panels.
I remember cutting my R&J dome and I was very nervous.
Can't wait for the new posts.

jduffphoto said...

Thanks Calvin. I was a little nervous at first. The top pie cuts went really well, but the bottom panels were a little nerve racking. The material towards the bottom feels a little thinner than what's on top, so I lost some stability - more so as more panels were cut out. I have only 5 more pieces to cut and to run a groove that will become one of my rings at the bottom of the dome, then I can start painting. I should have a couple good days left to paint outside before the weather really turns.

I have some mistakes that I'm going to make work to my advantage. I don't want a perfect "out of the factory" droid, and any marks that can't be sanded will be incorporated into my design. Kelly Krider did a demo C&D dome that turned out absolutly amazing!! I'm not sure about weathering my dome as much, but I have some ideas rolling.
- Jon