Monday, September 29, 2008

Frame work

I found some time this weekend to work further on Artoo. The weather wasn't that great this weekend, so painting any parts for the dome was out of the question. So..... I worked and was able to all but complete the frame on Sunday. Here's some pics of what I accomplished.

I have yet to attach the skirt ring on the bottom, and I've omitted the internal trays as the panels that will cover them are not going to open. The rear door is only temporarily attached with machine screws, so I can get an idea of how I want to open and close it. As of yet, I don't have a latch system in place. I have some of the hardware to finish off the frame and will have to find time later this week to work on that, but for the most part, it's finished.

I couldn't resist setting up the last pic....


Calvin Thomas said...

I tried to get that rear door to hinge correctly when I was at that stage and just could'nt get it right.
I finally removed the PVC hinge and used magnets in the door frame and a aluminum channel on the body frame with hidden magnets.
I never got your email, I don't know what happened.
I saw the dome Krider did and it was nice, But I think your doing a better job at cutting the panels out.
Kelly gets alittle rushed sometimes and tries to hide the boo-boo's with weathering.

BASSplayerACE said...


very nice there bro!