Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dome Drive is working!!!!

Well, I didn't think I was going to get this part complete until after Christmas, but I was able to get the necessary parts in time for Halloween.  I'm running an IG32 motor for the drive and the Syren 10a motor controller to control direction and speed.

I had to build a brace to mount the motor to and I based my part on Calvin's motor mount.  Still getting some slipping when I change directions suddenly, but overall, the setup was very easy and I'm happy with the progress, and it's just in time for my first public event on Saturday. I have to clean up my wiring mess  before then as I won't have a back panel in place and the rear door is off the frame.

Anyway....  Here's a short video of the progress. 



Calvin Thomas said...

Did you put some grip tape on the dome bearing?
And I don't know if you noticed the tick sound when you change directions with the motor.
The real R2 makes that same sound when he turns his dome.

jduffphoto said...

You know, I didn't and it slipped a little at the convention this past saturday. The con was AWESOME!!! It was small, but Artoo got alot of attention, even got noticed by the guest of honor (Max Brooks). Due to time limitations, I wasn't really able to speak to Max, but we all got some pics with him as a group, with Artoo up front.

I need to put some tape on the bearing. Other than that, he performed really well. Ran for 5-6 hours and still have charge on the batts.

In the public space, I didn't hear too much of the noises, clicks or anything like that, just the voice when I played it.

have you seen the new com8 frame??? tempting. very tempting.

I'm still considering a styrene build for number two, and I am hoping to rope a few guys from the NorthRidge group that I'm now a part of (Buffalo FanForce) into joining the R2 builders.