Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ankle cylinder

I finished the first of 4 ankle cylinders. I started the layout for the second cylinder and hope to get some work done on that one this weekend. This is such a simple piece to construct for those who are building from scratch. I saw this done on Dan Baker's build site, and gave it a try. I'm very happy with how it turned out. There are a few minor flaws, as in just about all scratch built pieces, but this again adds character to my build.
As I build my second cylinder, I'm going to document my progress as a tutorial. First up, aquire the material. I picked up a pvc clean water pipe, 1" schedule 40 from Lowes for $1.58 for a 5 foot length. The outside diameter of this pipe is almost dead on for the diameter of the cylinder. For anyone scratch building, this is about as close as you're gonna get. I cut each cylinder to 6.5 inches, based on a drawing that I downloaded from the group files archive, and started measuring. You can see that I have measured and drawn out my guide lines for the grooves and the cut out area. This area will allow the cylinder to recess onto the ankle.  Next update will show the cut out area, and the process to recess the grooves.

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