Monday, February 15, 2010

General Update part 2

Ok, I am being harrassed by friends to update this thing, so here goes....

I received my front vent internals from the most recent A&A parts run.  These are laser cut plastic parts and I was really suprised to find them only 8 days after placing my order (I expected a 2 month lead time due to manufacturing time, and waiting until almost close of the part run, etc.).  I assembled the first of two vents.  This is the top and it's ready for paint.  The bottom vent....  well...  that's another story.  I need some reference for that part and I'm hoping to get an answer soon so I can get this part completed and installed.
I have some pics of the first of 4 ankle cylinders.  I decided to scratch build this part from pvc piping and scraps of styrene that I have collected.  The grooves were cut into the pvc by hand and although you can't really tell from the picture, they are just about a perfect V groove all the way around.  I finished the grooves with the corner of a flat file after cutting in with my X-acto razor saw. 

Although I don't have a pic of it, the second leg has it's base coat of primer on it.  I'll be ready to start top coating later this week and will hopefully have it close to finished over the weekend.

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Calvin Thomas said...

You have some hidden talents you haven't shown.
Can't wait to see what you do next.

Hey Jon,
Can you send me your email addy,
I have a new comp and lost my emails.
P.S. I also need a favor :o)