Saturday, November 21, 2009

Logics Installed - Test

I installed the front logics tonight just to see how they looked. I have the pic cranked at 45v and if the logics are directly facing, it's blinding. I may need to cut the voltage back. This again is only half of the leds, however, I faced a problem as one of my wires broke. It was on the outside row of the leds, and when I connected it again, it worked. This really bothers me and I may only add another string or two and then glue some blanks in. The light from the surrounding leds may illuminate enough to make it look full. At 40 leds, it already looks pretty good. It's a compromise, but it may be necessary to do, just to avoid possible (further...) breakage.


Christina Thomas said...

Love the paint job on your R2 btw.

jduffphoto said...

Hey thanks Christina!! I got some more work done this weekend, so I'll have some more updates online soon.


Christina Thomas said...