Monday, July 13, 2009

Details, details...

Not a very exciting post, but I got some painting done during the week last week. I also finished off one vent, building the inset box from scrap styrene. The power coupling details were painted in blue, but not the cobalt that I was using. It's close, but missing that metallic flake in the paint. I had some modelling paint laying around and unless you look too close, I don't think anyone will be able to tell.
Parts from Marco have shipped from the Netherlands early last week. I'm hoping that they will arrive sometime this week. Still waiting on a skirt from Azman. Then, on to continued work on the ankles.


BASSplayerACE said...

Very nice! I can't wait to come home and see it!

And nice job by the way with the new site banner!

jduffphoto said...

Thanks Ace - Speaking of coming home, when is that gonna happen???


Calvin Thomas said...

Nice detail work.
I still can't get over the silver finish you have on your dome.
I've seen allot of domes and most of the time the finish is off.

Hey, How do you make a banner like that?
I've been wanting something new, But don't know how.

jduffphoto said...

Calvin, Thanks for the compliments and encouragement. I've taken more than a few ideas from your site and use it as a reference quite often. The way I mounted the utility arms should look vaguely familiar... ;-D

I've been working with the Rustoleum aluminum paint in place of the chrome/clear combination that I used on the dome. There isn't much difference (luckily...) between the dome and the aluminum colored dome ring. Once I add a touch of weathering, it will all blend together.

As for the banner, do you have photoshop? I work in layers and just overlayed text in different areas and different opacity. The R2 pic is my own from this site and I matched a light source from Photoshop to the light source in my photo.

I can make one for you and Brenda if you'd like. I can send you the jpeg file and you would just have to upload it to your page. Let me know.