Monday, April 20, 2009

More Leg Work/PIC Flash

I continued a little further on the legs. The shoulder area is skinned as well as the under shoulder detail and part way down the leg. There is a break in the skins for some detail and I think I'm going to stop at that point until I order and receive my boosters. I'll get the front and rear skins mounted to those details and call it quits on this one. Time to start the other leg, now that I know what I'm doing.

As requested, here is a photo of the PIC flasher board. This was taken prior to testing and only one power source is connected (2nd 9v power was added later during testing - one to run the LEDs, the other powered the PIC) When testing, output was working on 4 of the 8 outputs (I think r1, r2, r7 and r8...). I'll have to test again and document prior to calling Carl's - if it comes to that.


Calvin Thomas said...

The only thing I see different from mine is the 8 resistors
(which with Leon's logics is correct)
The other thing I see is the 3 small jumpers on the left bottom is not connected.
But I'm not sure if you need it.

jduffphoto said...

Hey Calvin, what was different, the type of resistor or the number of resistors? From what I can tell, the jumpers at the bottom are there if you wanted to upload your own firmware - unless I misunderstood. They won't be connected or I'll erase my current firmware. I have to do some more testing. I rechecked my connections and verified that there is no bridging between components. I'm sure I have enough power running through it and the traces that are working are cascading, so the pic is working properly. It's possible that I may need to load the circuit - ie: add more leds. I'm going to work up some more of my led chains and see how I do.