Friday, April 17, 2009

More leg work and electronics

I was holding off on this post until I had something more complete to show. I've been working and continue to work on the first leg. Ran into a minor problem as I followed some plans for the styrene build, but didn't take into consideration that the weight of my frame would be somewhat heavier than a styrene frame would be. I've been debating back and forth and bouncing questions off of other builders (thank you Calvin and Cole for your help!!) to get a direction. I've decided to move forward with my existing part and try to strengthen it, rather than start over. I've started reinforcing and filling areas of the leg to beef up potential stress points and make the leg more solid - well, literally.

I doubled the bracing around the top of the shoulder and added additional bracing to create pockets within the leg to fill with spray foam. By feel, the leg has some more weight to it and the foam adds considerable reinforcement to the bracing. Here are some pics:

After letting the foam set for a couple days and noting that the expansion has stopped, I was able to mount the top (outer) panel to the leg and let is sit under weight for several hours until the glue set. I then glued up the first styrene strip around the shoulder. I'll let that set over night and continue tomorrow on some of the other skins. I will need to spot putty this when done to correct some cutting mistakes, but so far, I'm happy with how it turned out.

I assembled my first pic flasher and ran into issues there too. I have proper voltage throughout the pic but I'm only getting output from 4 of the 8 traces. I've only connected a couple LED's and tested with a meter. Not sure if this is at all related to the defective crystal issue that was going on, but I may be calling Carls.

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Calvin Thomas said...

Holy Cow Batman!!!!
You did beef that legs up bigtime.
I don't think there will be a problem with it at all.

Post a pic of the flasher and what type of Led setup are you connecting it too.