Monday, January 28, 2013

Artoo and I attended the Clarence Winterfest yesterday with the Northridge FanForce group.  This is one of my favorite events as it is very well attended and everyone is really excited to be there and to see the Star Wars characters.  I've done this event for 3 years now and each year we build on the presentations.  This year included lightsaber demonstrations and duels.  Needless to say, after two performances of both demonstrations and duels, I'm feeling it! 

All went very well and both performances filled the presentation area completely.  Artoo was also a big hit next to Chewbacca.  Of course, Chewie "one upped" the droid as this year was actually cold enough for ice skating and thus allowed for the first official perfornamce of Wookies on Ice.

I made some minor repairs to Artoo's feet.  I have been having issues with the foot shells breaking at the seams and as many times as they have been reglued together, they have never stayed and the seams looked horrible.  Of all things, I decided to duct tape them.  I found some white duct tape, cut into thinner strips to apply around the seams.  Not only did it hold, but when weathered, it really didn't show much.  The seams look better and are holding.  So, we'll see how this works in 6 months or so after another couple events.

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