Monday, September 6, 2010

Test Drive - My Artoo's First Steps

First and foremost, a very big THANK YOU!! to Calvin Thomas for spending two hours over email tonight helping me troubleshoot and configure the R/C functions.  I think it came down to one setting on the dip switch box that really made the difference.

I started this blog on Labor Day two years ago.  Two years later, I finally reach the first major milestone in my build.   After several hours of bench testing and re-wiring, reconfiguring etc, here are the results:


Calvin Thomas said...

How does it feel to drive him for the 1st time?

jduffphoto said...

Really exciting!!! Can't wait to get the dome components so I can get some movement there too!!

I have to find time to adjust the trim on the throttle. I popped a wheelie in my livingroom yesterday because of how touchy the throttle is. not much of one, but I would like to prevent that from happening. (I jumped the throttle purposely to see exactly how reactive it was.. didn't expect the wheelie though).

Really can't wait till Halloween!!!