Wednesday, October 21, 2009


It's been a while since I've posted anything Artoo related. I've been doing works here and there on items. Although it's been too cold outside to paint, I have been painting parts indoors. The booster covers and one shoulder horse shoe are recently completed.
I have also started working on my front logics. My circuit tested fine, but I had a couple wires that had broken on my chain while transporting back and forth from my home to my in laws where I was working. I replaced the wire connections and glued the first pigtail in place. The bezels are from Calvin Thomas (Thanks Calvin!!!). They are a little big for Keith's resin logic surrounds, so I'm eliminating one column of lights and shifting the bezel over slightly to center the installed leds. I'm not drastically off center and eliminating 10 lights leaves me a little more room for error and less draw on the pic flasher.
The picture doesn't do justice for the blue booster cover. The cobalt blue is very deep, but in natural daylight, brightens up considerably. The leg and the shoulder are Satin White. I haven't mounted anything yet and probably will not until after I have the legs attached to the body and tested. I still have to paint the silver edge on the recessed layer of the horse shoe shoulder. The shoulder hubs are in process of being painted, as are the leg struts that fit in the booster.
The leds are extremely bright, but will tone down when all of them are installed on the pic flasher.
Things will probably be slow over the next couple of months with the holidays, and work around the house.


Calvin Thomas said...

Boy, Those legs sure turned out nice!!!!
I hope those bezels work for you and can't wait to see a video of them working.

BASSplayerACE said...

its good to see an update! I'm enjoying seeing the process!

jduffphoto said...

Hey Guys, thanks!! I started stringing the second pigtail together last night. 7 of 10 leds are soldered in place. Hopefully, I'll have time to get that done tonight and start gluing that one in to the bezels.

I haven't attached anything to the legs yet. I have 3/4 plywood scraps from a home improvement project that I plan on using for the shoulder mounts. I'd like to get the legs attached before I mount the boosters or horseshoes. Calvin, I'll probably ask more advice on that as it comes. I looked up some other blogs and found some ways to mount the horse shoes, but I haven't found one that will work with these legs. How did you mount the boosters to Brenda's R3?


Calvin Thomas said...

Brenda has resin boosters and I drilled the skeleton keyholes in the legs and used screws in the boosters.
She just slips them on like the Jag style boosters.
It's just alittle tricky getting the screw and hole correct.