Tuesday, August 11, 2009

OT build - Stormtrooper blaster

I was on vacation last week and even with spending time with the family, I found some time to work a little on my Stormtrooper blaster. It won't be 100% accurate as there are so many reference pics and variations listed online. I chose to base my build from the ANH style and modify here and there, such as a red dot scope in place of the m38 style tank spotting scope. So far, aside from the scope (an Ebay find for $4.99...), the parts used have been either scrap pieces or found items that were laying around. Very little has been purchased and I'm hoping to keep my total build cost as low as possible - a challenge to myself to scratch build this and make it look convincing. Here's the latest pics of my progress.


Calvin Thomas said...

Awesome work Dude!!!
Can't wait till you get it finished.

jduffphoto said...

Thanks Calvin. I'm plugging away a little at a time. I'm not going to break any records with build cost on this. I can't seem to find any t-molding locally, so it looks like I'm going to end up ordering strips from Blastech.com, which will bring my cost to about $40-$45 for the build... Oh well, it's still 90% scratch built.

I'll have more pics to post tomorrow, maybe Tuesday. It's stinkin humid here. Online says 53% humidity, but the paint not drying completely on my blaster says otherwise...